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Policies and Procedures

Are your policies and procedures in line with your practices?


Many organizations tried to fulfill the policy and procedure documentation requirements with an off-the-shelf book of policies.  It's not that they can't be helpful but most organizations that purchased these manuals never updated the policies to be in line with their own practices.  This could be a very costly oversight, fines and penalties can multiply quickly for missing or invalid information.  Having policies and procedures that don't necessarily match your organization's practices is like not having them at all.  Avoid this costly mistake, if you are struggling with policies and procedures call Caris, we can help. (920) 639-6615.

Fishing for the right policies but can't seem to find the one's right for you?


Let Caris help provide you direction for this mountain of a task.  If you have purchased templates but do not have the resources to update the policies and procedures to match your business practices, Caris can:

  • Take on this task and update the policies for you; or

  • Assist you with guidance and direction so your resources can complete the task.


By engaging Caris, you can be assured this compliance task won't drag you down. Call today (920) 639-6615.

Are you fluttering about trying to complete your policies and procedures?


Privacy and Security has been introduced, enhanced and modified since it's inception in 1996.  With the many changes and modifications to the Privacy and Security rules and the finalization of the Breach Notification and Enforcement, it is a challenge to continue updating, implementing and training all of the necessary policies and procedures.  Caris can help you to close the gap with all of these new policies and procedures, call today and we can talk about the best approach for your business. (920) 639-6615.

Totally out there on a limb with no policies and procedures?


In the event you do not have the policies and procedures you need, Caris has a solution that will help you achieve your goal. Caris can assist you with finding the resources to build your own policies, provide you guidance or take the lead in working with your staff to complete the policies and procedures that are needed to achieve your compliance.


Our goal is to create the policies and procedures that are integrated with your daily operations while meeting the compliance requirements of the documentation, policy and procedure requirements under the Privacy and Security requirements.

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