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About Caris

"We built a strong history of providing compliance expertise in the Midwest with the roots of our foundation in WI, MN, MI and IL.  Our proven approach and methodologies as well as our strategic partners have propelled us as one of the leading choices for compliance assessments, Privacy Official roles, and compliance implementations." -- Christine M. Duprey, Owner


Caris Consulting, LLC

Christine Duprey - Owner

2951 Sunray Lane

Green Bay, WI 54313

(920) 639-6615 cell



Work Ethic


Caris Consulting, LLC takes pride in all the ability to help clients overcome the challenges of integrating compliance into daily activities.  We understand the demand to be compliant, the risk of non-compliance and the restriction of budgets to be compliant.  Caris will work with your organization to assess your compliance readiness, guide you in appropriate remediation for the risks identified and build you a compliance plan to implement the necessary controls on a time and budget you can afford.


At Caris Consulting, LLC, we work for you!  We strive to bring your business the best success in the goals and mission you have established.  We will work with your company as an integrated part of your team to obtain the best results.  This has been proven in previous projects and roles we have had such as:


  • Privacy Official where our responsibility is to oversee, implement, train and continue compliance practices, and create, manage and execute the appropriate and necessary steps for Business Associate agreements and satisfactory assurances for our health care clients;

  • Compliance Officer where our responsibility is to assess, build and manage the appropriate compliance initiatives for HIPAA, ARRA, HITECH, the Final Omnibus Rule, PCI and/or SOC II compliance for our Business Associate clients as well as create, review and manage the Business Associate Agreements and expectations to ensure our compliance integrity to Covered Entities;

  • Contract Manager where our responsibility is to identify opportunities to improve existing managed care contracts, obtain new payer contracts, conduct fee schedule comparisons to analyze profitability of a contract, assist our providers with the credentialing process and organize and communicate the contract information to the billing staff for appropriate reimbursement validation.

  • Finance Lead for an Electronic Medical Record implementation where our responsibility was to lead client members through detailed process re-design, system configuration, multiple testing cycles and deployment planning, training and support for over 48 different programs within the New York City's largest non-profit organization which served the developmentally disabled population.

  • Process Improvement Director where our responsibility was to document current practices, work with staff to re-design processes and procedures to gain efficiencies and gain buy-in from staff and executive management to implement our recommendations. As a result, we reduced days outstanding for a rural hospital facility in Southwest WI by 12 days.


Attention to Detail


The success to our performance is the ability to plan the approach and outcomes with a strategic eye but executing the plan by paying attention to the details. Identifying the projects that are necessary for a business to be compliant ready, integrate innovation with compliance or improvement financial health of an organization with process improvement or contract restructuring relies on our ability to balance the strategic objectives with the resources, time and budget available to meet those goals.


Ability to Execute

Planning a project, building a compliance plan, or lining activities to the corporate or strategic goals cannot be successful without proper execution.  Team management and dynamics within an organization, the ability to align priorities across an organization to meet these strategic goals is a challenging task. Healthcare is one of the largest investment industries currently, staff is stretched thin between corporate initiatives and their daily activities, implementation and execution is often challenged due to priority conflicts.  Caris can help to bridge this gap by bringing people together to help achieve the goals and objectives while meeting the project requirements.

We Listen To Our Clients


Our clients understand what effect issues are causing to their organization, they may not be able to pinpoint what the cause of those effects are...that's where we come in.  By listening, evaluating and asking a lot of questions, we "peel back the layers of the onion" or keep digging until we understand the root causes to the current state of the organization.  Together we will understand and re-build, whether it's better contracts to improve reimbursement, operation procedures to increase efficiency or the integration of compliance to improve controls around risk, Caris Consulting, LLC has a solution for you.


 Call Caris today for professional and dedicated services! (920) 639-6615

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