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Partnering with Caris

Are you a vendor in need of healthcare operations or compliance experience on your team?

Consulting is turning a corner! Teaming wtih the right partners creates a win/win for the clients and the consulting firms. Caris brings over 30 years of health care operations knowledge and 22 years of HIPAA Compliance expertise to supplement your team for audit and assessment engagements.  Together we can minimize our bench time and bring a broad team of experts to service the needs of those looking for healthcare expertise.


As a Subject Matter Expert
As a Project Manager

Christine Duprey has been studying the HIPAA regulations since 2000, whether it is Privacy or Security regulation expertise you need or interpretation of the changes and modifications implemented with HI-TECH, American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) or the Final Omnibus Rule to improve Privacy and Security, Caris is the right choice.  Unsure how your client is affected by the HIPAA rules, Call Caris for more information (920) 639-6615. 

Revenue cycle management can be taxing on medical practices and clinics. Outstanding accounts receivables can lead to financial strain, office dysfunction and staff moral issues. Caris can assess the financial health of your AR to capture more revenue, improve office efficiency and staff productivity.

To a vendor, someone with industry operational knowledge is an asset to your team during the sales, discovery, and engagement process and provides your team with industry expertise during the project.

Problem staffing a project? Caris can offer the project management experience and skills to lead a health care project team or serve as a team leader for the implementation and process improvement activities for software implementation or compliance integration.

Caris believes in a working Project Manager, not a task master.  Caris hits the ground running to ensure all aspects of the project are successful. This requires intimate knowledge of the entire project, involvement for solution best thinking and keeping the project moving forward by enforcing accountability.

Need another team member for your audit team? Caris can supplement an existing project team for audit assignments tied to HIPAA compliance, Security Risk Assessment for Meaningful Use, SOC2, PCI-DSS, and process and operations.

EHR Implementation

Call Caris today, we can help! (920) 639-6615 office

Caris can be the advocate for the client to ensure business objectives are met, requirements are clearly defined and expectations are agreed to.

Caris can assist a client struggling with vendor management or system implementation by taking a lead role for problem resolution.

As a Team Member
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