Behavioral Health Electronic Medical Record

Project Management

Implementing an electronic medical record or electronic health record can be an expensive and daunting task.  Let Caris walk you through the process to:

  • Identify and map out your current processes to identify opportunities for improvement;

  • Work with your staff to develop more efficient processes prior to eliminate building a system around inefficient or broken processes;

  • Define a roll out strategy for the organization to build team confidence and staff buy-in;

  • Evaluate team performance to ensure the right tools are in place for team success.


MyEvolv is a NetSmart product that is offered to the Behavioral Health and Social Service agencies to improve their operational and clinical experience.

Caris has assisted multiple organizations with the implementation of this product. Mostly focused on the financial aspect of this system to configure the payers, plans, rates for proper billing and payment application.

Caris has also provided leadership to organizations to improve the revenue collection process.  Appropriate configuration of the system is one of the keys to keeping outstanding AR at an appropriate level.