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Caris Compliance Services

Caris brings the expertise and experience to help your organization achieve your compliance goals.

So many changes, so many regulations, so little time, resources and money to implement all of the necessary controls, policies and procedures needed to integrate compliance practices into daily normal activities.  Where do you start?  How do you pick up where you left off? How do I budget resources and dollars for this?  So many questions, Caris can help you figure out the best approach for your business, the resources you have and the dollars you have budgeted for these responsibilities.

Compliance Assessments

The first step to compliance is the assessment, it is the assessment that will tell us where you are in your compliance readiness, what risks you have for non-compliance and how vulnerable you may be to Civil or Criminal Penalties.

Are you wondering where your compliance readiness stands? 

Caris can conduct an assessment for Privacy and/or Security to determine where the gaps lie in your compliance practices and whether they have been integrated into the daily activities to prevent the organization from risk of non-compliance.

Caris can gather the information necessary to develop a proposal scoped to meet the needs of your organization with only 15-30 minutes of your time. 


Do you have resources assigned but they need direction?

Caris can assist your existing teams in the assessment and analysis so together we can develp a compliance plan that fits your resource availability, budget and time for conducting the activities.


What deliverables can you expect from a Caris Compliance Assessment?

Caris has developed an assessment grid that defines the standards, implementation specifications as well as documents the intent behind the rule, the findings we identify during the assessment and has references to add in the remediation recommendations, prioritization of the risks identified, the linked or necessary policies and procedures and prioritization of the implementation tasks.  This grid can be used for the ongoing maintenance of your compliance tasks.

Remediation Recommendations and Prioritization

Determining remediation recommendations and the prioritization of those recommendations are critical to your success in compliance.  It is important that along with mitigation to the risk, the appropriate resources (time, money and people) can be allocated to the implementation of the recommendation.  Compliance leinancy many be provided to those taken active action steps not those with a well written non-executed plan of action.  There needs to be a balance and ongoing understanding of the cost benefit to the remediation that is required.

Have you completed the Assessment but are not sure how to analyze or remediate the findings?

Caris completes the analysis of the findings as part of our assessment but if you have already identified findings and are struggling with identifying remediation activities to mitigate risk Caris can assist you as well. 

Caris analyzes the findings from the assessment to recommend appropriate remediation activities, assign priority for the implementation based on the level of risk for non-compliance, risk of potential unauthorized use or disclosure, costs to the organization and resources available for integration into daily operations and activities.

Implementation Planning

Managing compliance is like planting a tree, it requires nourishment, sunlight and tender loving care to develop strong roots and the ability to survive the storms.  Compliance is the same, building the implementation plan from the remediation recommendations and developing the key tasks for ongoing management of compliance needs to set roots of compliance into the daily activities conducted by your organization.  The compliance plan, like a tree will take a lot of work to build strong roots but once the roots have taken hold, the compliance plan like the change of the seasons will take on new policies, new approaches, new controls but the roots will be solid in the organization requiring much less time, money and resources once it has matured.

How do you integrate Compliance into Daily Activities?

Managing compliance activities and integrating compliance into the daily activities requires an understanding of current practices, assessment of the resources available for implementation and careful planning to execute the compliance plan successfully.

Caris can help you to create the compliance plan, prioritize the implementation activities and project manage the overall compliance project.

Caris provides on-site or web conference training to your compliance team so they can understand the rules and take over the management of the compliance activities on an ongoing basis.


Caris can be your one-stop for compliance, we have built a strong network of partners to complete the assessments required for Privacy, Security and build the necessary implementation plans meet your compliance needs or your goals to achieve Meaningful Use.

Call Caris for the compliance assistance you may need. (920) 639-6615

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