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Advocating for your business is what we do best.

Client/Facility Advocate
Project Management 
Process Documentation and Redesign
Requirements Identification
UAT Testing and Implementation
Software User Documentation

Let's face it! Software selection, design and implementation is a resource intensive project.  Caris can serve as the advocate for your facility with the vendor. Leading activities for process documentation and redesign, gathering and documenting requirements, working with the vendor for development, testing and implementation, troubleshooting production issues and user documentation for the system's functionality are examples of how Caris can help your team. Free up valuable resources from your facility and let Caris advocate for you!

Caris offers the key to your success

Audit Assistance
Project Resource for SOC2 Audits
Project Resource for PCI-DSS Audits

Tracking information required and provided during an audit can be a mountainous task. Caris can assist your audit team in ensuring all documents have been requested, received and logged for efficient evaluation.

Organizations are in very different places when it comes to HIPAA compliance. The regulations have been around a long time, maintenance and upkeep may or may not be routine. Caris can assist the organization in ensuring compliance maintenance is working as it should or help you get up to date on your compliance practices.

Are you a vendor to the Healthcare industry? Select Caris as your subject matter expertise to supplement your team.


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